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Sales Solutions

2013 Course Offerings

  • Strategic Selling - Gone are the days when sales people "pitched" products and customers just signed on the dotted line. Today, customers have access to more information, are better educated, more sophisticated, and have more choices. A strategic approach to selling is required to persuade organizations to buy your product. Strategic selling is a process-oriented, customer-focused approach to selling products and services. This course introduces a comprehensive approach to the professional sales process. In this two-day intensive course, we learn how to map out a plan of engagement, setting objectives and determining the power and influence structure of our target customer, and how to execute the plan. We develop a structured framework that takes us through the various stages of the sales process – from preparation and initial approach, through qualification and needs analysis, to presentations and "closing". This course provides the participant a framework for successfully working and closing complex sales – sales in which multiple decision-makers are involved, whose sales cycles are generally longer than 2 months, and whose price tags are over $100,000. Participants will develop the skills necessary to create collaborative, trusting relationships with prospective customers, and the tools and methodologies necessary to turn those prospective customers into loyal paying customers.
  • Overcoming Cold Calling Reluctance – Does the mere thought of picking up the phone to call a perfect stranger cause your palms to sweat and your heart rate to skyrocket? In today’s tight economy, you’re probably seeing that business is no longer coming to you – you have to go out and get it! There are ways to eliminate this impediment to growing your business. Find out what they are how you can gain the confidence necessary to make those calls.
  • Prospecting - Prospecting is the bane of most sales people’s existence. Right up there with paperwork, it’s one of the least glamorous parts of the sales cycle. But it’s also one of the most critical. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a steady stream of high-quality leads coming your way, you will need to develop good prospecting skills. In this course, you’ll learn how to prepare yourself for prospecting success, how to “warm up” cold calls, strategies for opening, conducting, and closing prospecting calls, the pros and cons of using scripts, and how planning, persistence, and professionalism increase your odds of connecting with potential customers. You’ll also learn why prospects you call often have a higher likelihood of closing than do those who call you.
  • Effective Qualifying - Avoid wasting valuable time with customers who will never buy. Learn which customers are – and more importantly, are not - likely to buy what you’re selling. Learn the four criteria that, when met, indicate a high likelihood the customer will make a purchase (and thus whether you should proceed or walk away), and what information you need to gather to make this determination, and how to get it
  • Dealing with Sales Resistance - Does it sometimes seem as if prospective customers are in cahoots, trying ceaselessly to devise ways to thwart our attempts to improve their lives with our offerings? Uncover the reasons behind your customers’ resistance, so that you’ll be in a position to help them resolve their concerns. Learn strategies and techniques for handling the four types of resistance we face, in a non-confrontational way that benefits both you and your customer. Learn how to replace customers' natural suspicion of you as a self-serving vendor with an appreciation of you as a trusted advisor, and in doing so differentiate yourself and your company from your competitors.
  • Selling against Competition - Convince your prospect why he or she should choose you. Learn and practice techniques to improve your odds of winning in competitive situations.
  • Advancing the Sale/Creating Urgency - Are your sales engagements getting bogged down? Are your phone calls no longer being returned? Do you find yourself frequently asking, "What’s taking them so long to decide, and how can I speed them up?" Today’s sales cycles are longer and more complex. Learn strategies and techniques you can use to maintain the momentum and keep your deals moving towards closure.
  • Presentations That Win! - It’s more than just showing a Powerpoint! Learn how to deliver presentations that have your audience asking you when they can get started with your offering!
  • Closing - Just what is this enigmatic point in the sale, and does it really only come at the end? Learn what "closing" really is, and how the pros do it.
  • Pipeline Management - Does your pipeline of business or that of your salespeople ever run dry? Or get clogged with barely breathing prospects? Learn strategies for Rotor Rootering‰ phony opportunities out of the forecast, and instead keeping it filled with real ones.

  • Time and Territory Management – Ever get that feeling there aren’t enough hours in a week to attend to the prospects and customers you need to? Gain pointers about getting to the most people you can in the limited time you have.

  • Effective Sales Meetings for Sales Managers - Are your sales people looking at their watches and playing with their iPhones during your sales meetings? Guess what – it may be you who are to blame! Learn how to run efficient, effective, and meaningful meetings that your sales people will actually look forward to attending!

  • Selling to Senior Executives - As companies charge their sales teams to "move up the corporate food chain" with their prospects in order to get a bigger bang for their sales force investment, the ability to gain access to, engage, and sell senior executives becomes imperative. How these "C-level' executives determine with which vendors they want to business, what their expectations are of those vendors, and their representatives, and how to get the inside track with them is the subject of this important course.

  • Business Development for Professional Services Firms - It is the rare professional - CPA, attorney, or architect, for example - who has received any schooling in the art of fostering relationships and developing business. Yet, when such professionals are offered partnership in the firm, he or she is suddenly expected to do just that. In order to be effective in this role, the professional needs to learn a whole new set of skills, and how to apply these skills in his or her new role. This course - specially designed for professional services firms - will arm those of your employees who are responsible for the firm's top-line growth with the basic skills required to effectively build relationships and bring in business. Participants will leave with both the skills and the confidence to comfortably make new business calls.

Additional Resources

In addition to providing training and coaching in Sales techniques and strategies, Sales Solutions offers a variety of services to enhance your own and your organization’s success.


Business Communication

  • Public Speaking Workshops — Learn how to avoid "stage fright", a symptom common to many of us, including many senior executives. Learn techniques for managing the nervousness we all experience, and how to channel it into a confident presentation. By the end of the workshop you’ll be speaking confidently in front of a small group.

  • Writing Services - Poorly written business communications can cost you in terms of image and – ultimately - success. This course will help you improve the clarity, and thus the impact, of your written communication by avoiding common pitfalls of grammar, syntax, punctuation, agreement, and more. It won’t, however, be the boring English class you took in junior high school!