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Frequently Asked Questions Sales Round Table

I read books and listen to tapes on sales. Why do I need this?

Reading books and magazines, and listening to tapes, are all great ways to keep your sales saw sharp. So keep doing it! But as valuable as these are, each has its limitations:

  • You can't ask a question of a book
  • You can't bounce an idea off a magazine
  • You can't try out a new technique with a tape
  • You can't network with a CD

The Sales Round Table, on the other hand, is an interactive, engaging, lively, and stimulating forum for exchanging ideas and best practices with your peers.

I donít have time for this Ė Iím busy running a business

Time is a precious commodity - one non one ever has enough of. There are over 175 "official" (9-5) hours in a month; business owners like you, of course, put in much more than that. The Sales Round Table meets just once a month for 4 hours a month - less than 2% of the hours your work in a month. Ask yourself: If being better at or more knowledgeable about the Sales function in my business is important, is that too much time to invest?